Part 6 – Enterprise NCC 1701 – TOS Revell – Making backlights

This is an attempt to put real lights at the back of the TOS by Revell company.
This is a test of the backlights for my second build of the TOS by Revell company (04880). My earlier build had decals only at the back, now I try to use fiber and leds.
I am new to this, but I think it can of value for some of you out there buildning this model 🙂
I´m a newbie when it comes to building models but perhaps my films of the project can be instructional for some.

Special thanks to Trekworks and Scratching Jack and allt the builders from the Google+ community – SciFiModelAction and Amasing Plastic for naming just a few 🙂

Build with pleasure 🙂
Mathias G Pettersson